Make A Difference In The Making Of United States Tax Laws

House of Representatives

TaxConnections invites each of you to participate in an important journey! A journey that will engage you in the making of new tax laws in the United States Committee on Ways and Means! The Committee on Ways And Means is the chief tax-writing committee of the United States House of Representatives and all bills regarding taxation must go through this committee.

The committee has jurisdiction over all taxation, tariffs and revenue raising activities for Social Security, Unemployment Benefits, Medicare, Federal Welfare Programs, Foster and Adoption Programs, and enforcement of childcare laws. TaxConnections knows the new 115th Congress will benefit greatly from the tax expertise available on TaxConnections.

TaxConnections has a membership base of thousands of the best and brightest tax minds throughout the United States and abroad. TaxConnections knows you are very busy so we have created a platform to make it very easy to engage and send your thoughts and opinions as these new tax laws are being made. The part each TaxConnections Members plays in this process is very important. You have a real opportunity to educate the Committee on Ways And Means on the impact of tax policy before it becomes law!

Please follow this highly educational series called Make A Difference – In The Making Of United States Tax Laws as we teach you how new tax laws are made and how to have an impact behind the scenes at the House Committee on Ways And Means. Our goal is to make it very easy for you to be part of the tax policy in the making process by providing you with valuable information and access.

Thomas Kerester

Tom Kerester knows how to connect the dots! Tom is working with TaxConnections to make a difference by getting people involved behind the scenes of the Ways and Means. We will take you on an educational journey through a series of blogs and show you how to get involved in making a difference in the new tax legislative policy under the President Trump Administration.

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