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Learn Your Residency Status For US Tax Purposes

Learn Your Residency Status For US Tax Purposes

Learn Your Residency Status For US Tax Purposes

A very smart TaxConnections Member, Gary Carter, PhD, MT, CPA created this valuable residency test for taxpayers. We want to bring it to your attention as knowing your status for US Residency regarding US tax filings is very important.

You need to learn your residency status for US tax purposes so you know what tax forms to use, right? Well, you have come to precisely the right place! Below is a series of questions designed to tell you exactly what your residency status is for tax purposes in the United States, and what forms you should use to file your tax return. You can determine your status for any calendar year from 2013 to 2021.

Your residency status for tax purposes is different than your immigration status. The correct answer to each question is critical, so be sure to read each question carefully. If you select the wrong answer, simply refresh the page and start again.

Go to this link to take the US Residency Test. Your name and identity is not collected so we love the test!

Another great resource for information for expatriates is go to the TaxConnections Blog Page; Scroll down the page and look on the right side column until you see the Search Feature. Type in Gary Carter and all his content will come up and provide expatriates with highly valuable free advice on a wide range of  tax issues.

Gary Carter, President of GW Carter, Ltd., was a tax professor at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management and the Associate Director of the Carlson School’s Master of Business Taxation Program until June, 2010. He received a B.A. in accounting from Eastern Washington University in 1977, a Master of Taxation degree from the University of Denver in 1980, and a Ph.D. in taxation from the University of Texas at Austin in 1985. Early in his career he worked as a revenue agent for the State of Alaska, and later in public accounting for both a regional CPA firm and a Big Four Firm. His current practice was started in 1999. He has conducted tax seminars on various tax topics and has published several books on taxation.

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One thought on “Learn Your Residency Status For US Tax Purposes

  1. Pierre says:

    Mr. Carter. Would you be able to better define “green card holder?” They do have expiry dates on them, but I have read somewhere that even if expired, unless physically returned, this may still ensnare the holder thereof. In this particular case, the expiry date is 2001.

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