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Is The IRS On A Hiring Spree?

Is the IRS on a hiring spree? John Reyna, Freeman Law, Texas

Yes! So, if you’ve ever wanted to work as an auditor for the IRS, then it’s time to dust off your resume. The IRS is hiring thousands of auditors by the end of September 2021. And if you’re on the other side of the aisle, then take your vacation before October 2021. 

At a recent tax conference, the co-commissioners of IRS’s Small Business/Self-Employed Division and the commissioner of the Criminal Investigation Division announced that they are adding roughly 2,500 new workers before the end of September. Specifically, the SB/SE Division will add about 2,000 positions, including 1,300 revenue agents. The CI Division will add 500 people, with close to half of those being special agents.

Why the sudden influx of employees?

Over the past decade, the IRS lost approximately 17,000 audit staff. The agency has struggled to replace people who departed, either due to retirement or other reasons.

Of course, the IRS requires funding to pull off this massive hiring spree. Congress is currently considering a $13.6 billion budget for the IRS next year. That is an increase of $1.7 billion from the budget for fiscal year 2021. It appears that the IRS is ready to spend the increase in funds after years of budget cuts.

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John Reyna

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One thought on “Is The IRS On A Hiring Spree?

  1. Michael S Cash says:

    One experienced person will be off line training the trainees. It will take a few years before the trainees are fully comfortable doing their job. For hires in high cost areas like LA and Silicon Valley, half will leave during their first year or so.

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