IRS Seeks Membership Nominations For The 2025 Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council

IRS Seeks Membership Nominations For The 2025 Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council

On Thursday, April 18th the Internal Revenue Service announced that it is now accepting applications for the 2025 Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council (hereinafter “IRSAC”) through May 31, 2024, including nominees for a newly created subcommittee focused on fairness issues.

The IRSAC serves as an advisory body to the IRS commissioner and the Service’s leadership. The IRSAC is organized under the Federal Advisory Committee Act and includes volunteer members with deep subject matter expertise amongst highly diverse tax matters. IRSAC provides an organized forum for discussion of relevant tax administration issues between IRS officials and representatives primarily from accounting firms, law firms and the tax departments of select Fortune 500 / Russell Index 2000 size companies. The IRSAC’s goals and objectives include but are not limited to:

  • Proposes enhancements to IRS operations;
  • Recommends administrative and policy changes to improve taxpayer services, fairness in tax administration and compliance;
  • Discusses issues and recommends solutions relevant to information reporting;
  • Addresses matters concerning tax exempt and government entities; and
  • Conveys the public’s perception of professional standards and best practices for tax professionals.

In addition, the IRSAC will launch its first-ever Subcommittee on Fairness in Tax Administration that will join the existing five subcommittees. This new subcommittee will review, and issue specific recommendations related to the overall fairness in tax administration. The subcommittee will focus on how the Service can identify and address any tax administration disparities that may limit some communities from fully benefiting from and contributing to the nation’s economic growth and prosperity. Potential focus areas will include disparities in audit selection, tax credit and deduction awareness, fraud prevention, data analytics as well as community outreach and education opportunities. The IRSAC’s other subcommittees focus on information reporting, large business & international, small business/self-employed, tax-exempt/government entities, and taxpayer services.

IRSAC members are appointed to three-year terms by the IRS commissioner and submit a report to IRS leadership annually at a public meeting. Nominations of qualified individuals may come from individuals or organizations. IRSAC members are considered from highly diverse backgrounds representing a cross-section of the taxpaying public with deep subject matter expertise including, but not limited to:

  • Tax Compliance for individuals, small businesses and large multinational corporations;
  • Tax Exempt and Government Entities;
  • Information Reporting;
  • Taxpayer Advocacy; and
  • Fairness in Tax Administration.

The IRS is currently accepting applications for terms that begin in January of 2025 and applications must be submitted on or before May 31st of 2024 using IRS Form 12339 which can be referenced at


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