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How Will You Be Challenged On Tax Provision Audits? – November 4th – 11:00AM PDT

Stephen Day


The PCAOB is making sure your auditors continue to ratchet up the intensity of the audit process. Join the key members of Tax Prodigy in discussing the most challenging issues relating to the audit of the tax provision. We will provide an in depth discussion of the most common challenges encountered during the audit. More importantly we will discuss pragmatic approaches to overcoming those challenges or avoiding them altogether.

TaxConnections brings you two leading tax experts in tax provision webinar scheduled for November 4th, 2016. Presenters Stephen Day and Nick Frank will discuss what the tax auditors always challenge first. They will discuss the primary challenges on an audit of the tax provision and provide the best possible solutions. They will teach you how to get more control, more efficient and reduce risk on tax provision.

Accounting for income taxes is complicated and the stakes are high. Far too many companies still struggle with accurately completing the tax provision in a timely manner. Tax is still one of the leading sources of control deficiencies including financial restatements.  Nick Frank and Stephen Day will explore some of the most complicated ASC 740 topics and share proven methods for mitigating risk and controlling the process.

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