Qualified Small Business Stock: One Of The Code’s Most Significant (And Often Overlooked) Tax Breaks

Section 1202 offers a once little-known exclusion from income for gain on qualified small business stock (“QSB stock”).  The provision has undergone substantial revisions over the years and came back into vogue as a result of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act.  Where applicable, section 1202’s exclusion offers a substantial and legitimate tax shelter: The exclusion of potentially all of the gain on QSB stock held for more than five years.

Section 1202 of the Internal Revenue Code allows a taxpayer (other than a corporation) to exclude a percentage of gain from the sale or exchange of qualified small business stock held for more than 5 years.  The exclusion is subject to a number of intricate requirements.  But where applicable, the exclusion provides one of the Code’s most significant tax breaks.

Section 1202 

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William Rogers - Real Estate And Tax Breaks

To maximize the tax benefits of property ownership, homeowners, investors and real estate professionals alike need to be aware of the breaks available to them as well as the rules and limits that apply. Whether you’re selling your principal residence, renting out a vacation property or maintaining a home office, tax savings are available if you plan carefully. However, in some cases, tax savings may be reduced under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA).

Home-Related Tax Breaks

There are many tax benefits to home ownership — among them, various deductions. But when you filed your 2017 tax return, the itemized deduction reduction could reduce your tax benefit from some of these breaks. And while that limit goes away for 2018, the TCJA reduces or eliminates these breaks:

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John Stancil, Tax Advisor

Much has recently been said of the tax breaks received by the National Football League. While they do receive certain tax breaks, many of these breaks are also available to other businesses. Granted, they do tend to be on a larger scale.

There is however, one area in which sports franchises do get significant tax breaks. Below are three aspects to tax breaks received by the NFL and other professional sports:

  1. Tax-exempt status of the league office
  2. Amortization of the purchase price of the franchise
  3. State and local financing of sports stadiums.

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Eva Rosenberg, Tax Advisor

Generally, whenever a major disaster strikes in the United States, the president issues a declaration – which triggers some special tax breaks and extensions for those in the disaster area.

In this case, President Trump has issued declarations for 9 disasters,  since taking office. We know there will be one for Hurricane Irma. But, so far, he has not issued the usual declaration for the Los Angeles – La Tuna fires. (But that’s a whole other discussion.)

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