Returning To The Office? Important Information To Understand Your State Tax Liabilities

When the pandemic first hit, many businesses were forced to transition to a remote working model for safety reasons. And many of those remote employees decided to move away from their “home state” for a variety of reasons. Now, businesses are starting to transition back to the office, with 50% of leaders saying their company already requires or is planning to require a return to in-person full time this year, according to a study from Microsoft. 

Whether you decide to bring your employees back to the office full time or just part time, what are the tax implications you should consider? Please note that this blog post won’t get into the state tax withholding, worker’s compensation or other payroll tax matters related to the employee directly. We focus here on how employees may create nexus (and filing responsibilities) for both state sales tax and income tax.

Taxation Issues Created By Remote Workers 

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