Form 3520-A

Taxpayers have been privately emailing TaxConnections asking if there is anything happening behind the scenes to address the problems they have encountered with IRS Form 3250 A. Many taxpayers were kind enough to share their stories which include the following:

It all started with the letter written by member Gary Carter who wrote an article titled Foreign Trusts: IRS Penalty Notices For Late Forms 3520-A Traumatize Many Innocent Taxpayers. The purpose of my post today is to share some of the stories that have followed from this original article when we were asked to call out all tax professionals and taxpayers to sharing their experiences with us.

It is important to note to that the tax professional community works very hard to solve many matters with the IRS. This article is enlightening as there are comments here you would rarely see regarding how the system works for those who represent you. Your tax advisors are often unsung heroes and taxpayers rarely know what the real battles are behind the scenes with the tax advisors representing them. Although we are keeping everyone’s name anonymous to protect them, you are about to receive a real world inside look at the unresolved issues on Form 3520-A.

Here Are Responses We Have Received From Taxpayers

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