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Archive for Colorado Sales Tax Update

Important Colorado Sales Tax Changes Retailers Need To Know Now

Important Colorado Sales Tax Changes Retailers Need To Know Now

Sales tax legislation is constantly evolving, and while the changes can be complex and difficult to keep up with, sometimes the legislation is actually an attempt to simplify the sales tax obligations already present in the state. Colorado is one state that is working on changing their complex sales tax legislation.

After being introduced in January of 2022, Senate Bill 22-032  was signed by Colorado Gov. Jared Polis in April. This bill outlines several changes to Colorado’s tax code, which we discuss in detail below.

The Complexities Of Colorado State Sales Tax

Back in February, we wrote an article about the sales tax process in Louisiana, where retailers are required to collect and remit sales tax in each parish (or county) in addition to the state level. In that article, we broke down the lawsuit that Halstead Bead Inc. filed against the state, which stated that requiring businesses based out of other states to file reports in each parish creates a “compliance nightmare.”

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