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Is Your Business Still the Right Entity Under the New Tax Rule? Part 2

Blake Christian 2

More tips about determining the right corporate, partnership or other structure that’s best for your business—and where you are in life. Key Takeaways:

  • The legal structure of your business operations can have a significant impact on your annual income tax and estate planning.
  • When you and/or your heirs expect to be at or near the maximum income tax rates, you will generally want to leave appreciated and appreciating assets in the taxable estate, rather than transfer them prior to death.
  • In general, assets with the potential to appreciate in value should not be placed into an S or C Corporation.

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Request These Informative Articles From A Leading Tax Expert On The Federal Opportunity Zone Program


TaxConnections is fortunate to have tax expert Blake Christian as a member of our platform. Given my expertise searching for tax experts for corporations worldwide, I can assure you Blake Christian is a leading tax expert on the new Opportunity Zone Program. He advises multinational corporations and he is sought out frequently by tax firms all over the country who consult with him.

Take this opportunity to receive a copy of all of his educational articles on the topic of the Federal Opportunity Zone Program. Whether you are a tax executive with a multinational corporation, a Tax Partner with a firm, or a CFO, you will learn how to utilize these extraordinary tax incentives to save your organization significant tax dollars.

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The Federal Opportunity Zone Program

  1. Which Gains Are Eligible?
  2. Qualified Opportunity Fund Requirement
  3. Tax Basis Adjustments/Gain Reporting Exemptions
  4. Legal Form Of Qualified Zone Fund
  5. Percentage of Qualified Property Test/Penalty
  6. Ineligible Business Types
  7. State Tax Complexities
  8. Real Estate “Original Use” Rehab Requirements
  9. Who Should And Should Not Invest In A QOF?
  10. Hiring Tax Credits – 8500 Tax Incentive Zones
  11. 5 Myths About The Opportunity Zone Program
  12. 5 Ways To Leverage The Opportunity Zone Program
  13. Opportunity Zone Participation Window
  14. Open Issues On Opportunity Zones
  15. Investment Diversification And Tax Savings