7 Habitual Mistakes Companies Make – Chapter 8 (5 – Final)

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The Protectors for Big Business –
Remarks That Are Dynamic

“Strong lives are motivated by dynamic purposes.”

Source: Kenneth Hildebrand

DYNAMIC MEANS “CHANGING; action and in motion.” Dynamic is synonymous with lively, active, energetic, vigorous, and impelling.
In a blink, there is more change.
In another blink, there is additional action.
In a further blink there is increasing motion.
No constant position exists in the dynamic environment of tax and tax risk management.
It is always dynamic.
The only constant is change in tax risk management.
Hence, the content of this special report is dynamic and subject tochange, action, and motion.
BO/CFOs, tax managers, their boards, and audit committees are also well advised to be dynamic in their approach to a Tax Risk Management process.
But start with being proactive.
Then embrace the constant changes.
Embark upon a continuous Tax Risk Management process.
Then see the results of proper Tax Risk Management.

Once It Is All Over

THAT’S A MYTH if you understood the content of the previous section. It’s never over for as long as the business has life in it. Tax risk management Tax Risk Management will always exist to manage the continuous ebb and flow of tax issues, as the legislation changes, as the business shrinks and expands, and as the business trades continuously, with the financial results having to be documented to give account of what has happened in the previous financial year.

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