Six-Question SALT Transfer Pricing Quiz – Know Enough to Win?


The 2022 SALT Transfer Pricing Quiz (the “Quiz”) is anything but your run-of-the-mill test of knowledge.

We created the six multiple-choice question Quiz based on our two-part Tax Notes State article, “SALT Transfer Pricing — What You Need to Know” (“the article”), which was published in January 2022. The Quiz is designed to reinforce foundational “SALT 101” and “TP 101” level content and recent developments in these interrelated tax fields. You’ll score well on the Quiz if you have basic SALT and transfer pricing know-how, even without reading the article.

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However, if you’re unsure of your Quiz answers, all correct answers (and instructions on how to determine the answer to the sixth and final question) can be found in SALT Transfer Pricing — What You Need to Know: Part 1 and SALT Transfer Pricing — What You Need to Know: Part 2. We can share a limited number of copies of the article with interested readers. You can request the article within the Quiz or by contacting Guy Sanschagrin or Doug Schwerdt of WTP Advisors.

Trying to gauge your interest in diving deeper into SALT transfer pricing? Check out our recent flyover of Part 1 of the article: Six “SALTy” Transfer Pricing Facts.

We hope you enjoy self-assessing your SALT transfer pricing know-how, competing with tax peers to become the “2022 SALT Transfer Pricing Quiz Champion,” and taking home a prize from a lineup of emblematic Peugeot SALT mills/grinders – your choice from an array of colors that are reminiscent of the American flag.

The deadline for online Quiz submission is Saturday, April 30, 2022.

WTP Advisors is administering the Quiz and all of your Quiz responses (score, name, etc.) will be kept in strict confidence (all Quiz submission data will also be deleted on May 31, 2022).


If you have any questions or would like more information on this blog post or the Quiz, please contact the authors:

Guy Sanschagrin, Principal in Charge of Transfer Pricing and Valuation Services, WTP Advisors

Doug Schwerdt, Transfer Pricing Specialist & Intra-Group Financial Transactions Leader, WTP Advisors


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Doug is a transfer pricing enthusiast with >20 years of consulting and in-house company transfer pricing (“TP”) experience. He has worked with WTP Advisors as a TP and Valuation Specialist since 2014, and since 2018 as the firm’s Intra-Group Financial Transactions Leader. Prior to WTP, Doug developed his broad understanding of most major industries and his specialized technical expertise at Big 4 and boutique consulting firms. Moreover, he forged in-house operational TP know-how as a full-time professional in Hewlett-Packard’s and CEMEX’s corporate tax departments.

Doug’s distinctive proficiencies include: intra-group loans and factoring; ERP-based cost allocation; IRS exam preparedness; intangible property valuation; TP for multi-country intra-industry sourcing and trading companies, across the value chain; and navigating intricate TP rules and requirements of LATAM and Asian countries and providing OECD BEPS Action 13 documentation and controversy support.

As WTP’s Intra-Group Financial Transactions Leader, Doug recently completed the following types of projects: credit rating scoring, debt capacity analysis, interest rate determination, guarantees, factoring, and captive insurance. Additionally, Doug has experience designing and managing TP aspects of MNE treasury centers, including hedging (F/X and interest rate), cash pools, and accounts receivable factoring.

TP technology is a hallmark of Doug’s interests and experiences, notably: 1) Collaborating in teams on Big 4 global TP tech initiatives; 2) Contributing to early start-up stage company TP S/W development; 3) Evaluating, selecting, and building expertise in WTP’s TP research and analysis platforms; and 4) Developing aspects of the Transportal TP management platform and pioneering its tools including the Risk Assessment Model and the OECD CbCR XML Generator module.

Thanks to numerous years of in-house MNE TP experience, Doug is equipped to understand the challenges and objectives of large corporate tax departments — enabling him to maintain alignment between consulting and larger client company projects and goals. He is dedicated to delivering TP documentation of industry-leading quality and providing clients with sound, actionable advice. What’s more, Doug is tirelessly keen on collaboratively designing innovative TP plans that are supported by comprehensive research and methodical analyses. Doug maintains up-to-date knowledge on noteworthy TP topics and he’s happy to talk with you about TP matters.

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