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Doug is a transfer pricing enthusiast with >20 years of consulting and in-house company transfer pricing ("TP") experience. He has worked with WTP Advisors as a TP and Valuation Specialist since 2014, and since 2018 as the firm’s Intra-Group Financial Transactions Leader. Doug developed his broad understanding of most major industries and his specialized technical expertise at Big 4 and boutique consulting firms. Moreover, he forged in-house operational TP know-how as a full-time professional in Hewlett-Packard’s and CEMEX’s corporate tax departments.

Doug's distinctive proficiencies include: intra-group loans and factoring; ERP-based cost allocation; IRS exam preparedness; intangible property valuation; TP for multi-country intra-industry sourcing and trading companies, across the value chain; and navigating intricate TP rules and requirements of LATAM and Asian countries and providing OECD BEPS Action 13 documentation and controversy support.

Thanks to numerous years of in-house MNE TP experience, Doug is equipped to understand the challenges and objectives of large corporate tax departments -- enabling him to maintain alignment between consulting and larger client company goals. He is dedicated to delivering TP documentation of industry-leading quality and providing clients with sound, actionable advice. Doug maintains up-to-date knowledge on noteworthy TP topics and he’s happy to talk with you about TP matters.

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WTP Advisors
2014 - Present
As WTP’s Intra-Group Financial Transactions Leader, Doug recently completed the following types of transfer pricing projects: credit rating scoring, debt capacity analysis, interest rate determination, guarantees, factoring, and captive insurance. Additionally, he has experience designing and managing TP aspects of MNE treasury centers, including hedging (F/X and interest rate), cash pools, and accounts receivable factoring.

TP technology is a hallmark of Doug’s interests and experiences, notably: 1) Collaborating in teams on TP tech initiatives; 2) Evaluating, selecting, and building expertise in WTP’s TP research and analysis platforms; and 3) Developing aspects of the Transportal TP management platform and pioneering its tools including the Risk Assessment Model and the OECD CbCR XML Generator module.

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