Doug Schwerdt

Transfer Pricing and Valuation Specialist

WTP Advisors
Houston, Texas, USA

Professional Summary

WTP Advisors Intra-Group Financial Transactions Leader

Doug has 20+ years of transfer pricing ("TP") experience, both consulting and in-house. Prior to WTP Advisors ("WTP"), Doug developed broad industry expertise and specialized technical skills while providing TP services to clients of Big 4 and boutique consulting firms. Additionally, he forged in-house operational TP skills as a member of HP’s and CEMEX’s tax departments.

Doug's keen interest in progressing TP technology has grown over time, notably: 1) Working on two Arthur Andersen teams responsible for global TP tech initiatives; 2) Working in early start-up stage company TP S/W development and client delivery at CrossBorder Solutions; 3) Working at the forefront of evaluating, selecting and developing expertise in research and analysis platforms utilized by WTP's TP practice.

Doug is passionate about crafting innovative TP ideas and solutions, which he supports with comprehensive research and robust analyses. He is dedicated to delivering documentation of industry-leading quality and practical, actionable advice to clients. Numerous years of working in-house have equipped Doug to understand the challenges and objectives of large corporate tax departments, allowing him to better keep his consulting work aligned with client company goals. Doug strives to maintain up-to-date knowledge on the latest global TP news and developments, and he’s happy to share insights and discuss TP topics with you.

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WTP Advisors
Houston, Texas, USA 77005
Transfer Pricing and Valuation Specialist
As WTP Advisor’s Intra-Group Financial Transactions Leader, I have within the past few years completed projects grounded in my specializations in credit rating scoring, debt capacity analysis, interest rate determination, guarantees, factoring, and captive insurance. Additionally, I have experience designing and managing transfer pricing aspects of MNE treasury centers, including cash pools and FX hedging.

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