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I Have Been Getting Paid Under The Table For Months. How Do I (and My Employer) Go About Filing Taxes So That I Am Not Charged Extraneous...
User Photo Betty Williams
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Unfortunately, your employer is creating a problem by not reporting your wages.  If you are an employee, your employer needs to withhold and pay over your portion of payroll taxes, along with the employer's...   Read More
I Have A Business In Florida That Sells Items On The Internet To All States Including California. I Rent Warehouse Space In California...
User Photo Betty Williams
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If you stopped using the warehouse in California and did not have a physical presence in California, Public Law 86-272 may help you with regard to California income tax. Public Law 86-272 generally prohibits a...   Read More
What Is An Affiliate Nexus Tax?
User Photo Michael Fleming
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Nexus is not a tax but rather the minimum link or connection to a state that is necessary before a state can force you to pay its taxes or collect taxes on its behalf. There are different nexus rules for income...   Read More


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