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What Is The Most Common Payroll Mistake The Companies Make? What Is The IRS Auditing Most In The Area Of Employment Taxes?
User Photo John Dundon, II EA
Tax Professional Level: Tax Wizard

The most common mistake I am seeing is when employers classify workers inappropriately as independent contractors and issue the worker a 1099-misc when the workers should really be treated as employees and receive...   Read More
A Friend Told Me That I Can Write Off My Service Dog. Is That Really True?
User Photo Robert Ferguson
Tax Professional Level: Tax Enthusiast

Probably. If the animal is associated with a health issue then it would be a medical deduction and subject to the 7.5% limitation of gross income before being able to deduct the animals costs. But the dogs costs...   Read More
What Is The Amazon Tax?
User Photo Darren Sanford
Tax Professional Level: Tax Enthusiast

Sales tax, as you know, is collected at the time of a sale. However, when a company ships an item to a state in which they are not located, they do not always collect sales tax. The Amazon tax is the sales tax on...   Read More
How Long Can I Be Taxed In The US After I Have Left And Moved To Canada?
User Photo Jim Pemberton
Tax Professional Level: Tax Enthusiast

As long as you maintain dual citizenship, you will have to file a US Tax return. You may not have to pay a US tax as there are foreign tax credits and foreign tax exclusions but you will have to file. You should...   Read More
Sold Law Business And Expanded New Law Practice To A County 300 Miles Away. Began Commu It Ing, But Then Rent A House To Avoid The...
User Photo Kathryn Morgan
Tax Professional Level: Master Tax Advisor

It is all determined by intent. If your intent in having the new practice is for it to be temporary (less then one year) then you have temporary living expenses. If your intent is for it to last more then one...   Read More


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