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Does Florida Charge Sales Tax On Shipping And Handling Fees?
User Photo James Sutton, CPA, Esq
Tax Professional Level: Tax Enthusiast

The answer is - it depends. If the shipping charge is optional to the customer, then no sales tax. If the sale is FOB origin, then there is no sales tax. In all other circumstances, there is Florida sales tax on...   Read More
I Have A Business In Florida That Sells Items On The Internet To All States Including California. I Rent Warehouse Space In California...
User Photo Betty Williams
Tax Professional Level: Tax Enthusiast

If you stopped using the warehouse in California and did not have a physical presence in California, Public Law 86-272 may help you with regard to California income tax. Public Law 86-272 generally prohibits a...   Read More
I Earn Rental Income From My Condo In Florida. Do I Have To File A US Tax Return?
User Photo Larry Stolberg, CPA, CA
Tax Professional Level: Tax Enthusiast

Gross rental income is generally subject to a 30% withholding tax unless a waiver form is provided to the payor or agency managing the property. With the waiver form in place, you have effectively told the IRS that...   Read More
We Purchased A Beauty Day Spa From Someone Who Is Deceased And Now Find Ourselves Under Audit From Years Prior When We Did Not Own The...
User Photo Kathryn Morgan
Tax Professional Level: Master Tax Advisor

This sounds self serving, but you really need to hire a good Enrolled Agent(EA). Go to the Find a Tax Professional tab above to search for one n your area. If that doesn't work go to and use te Find an...   Read More
I Have An Elderly Parent In Florida Who Has Discovered She Can Buy And Sell Antique Furniture Through EBay. Her Business Started Out Small...
User Photo James Sutton, CPA, Esq
Tax Professional Level: Tax Enthusiast

The simple answer to your question is that if your parent sells more than 2 items in 12 months, then they should register with the Florida Department of Revenue as a dealer and begin collecting and remitting sales...   Read More


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