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What is the issue with the Internal Revenue Service Form 8949?

Form 8949
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Form 8949 is a form required by the IRS that must be filed with the tax payers tax return that is used to report gain or loss on the sale of stocks or capital assets. Tax payers are to report each stock sale or capital asset sale individually on each line of the form. The totals from the Form 8949 are carried to the form Schedule D capital gains and losses. If a tax payer has a fifty page list of stock transactions, it is acceptable to summarize on one line all of the long term sales and then all of the short term sales from the broker and then attach the brokerage statement to the tax return before submission by filling out and attaching form 8453 to the return. There are a few exceptions to the required filing of the form 8949. It is best to seek out a tax professional for help when filing returns that contain these type of forms.
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