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What are the rules for deducting work related moving expenses? We are moving so I can take a new job in another city?

Moving Expenses
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Lisa Nason CPA, MST
Moving expenses can be deductible if you move to a new home becasue of a new principal workplace. There are time and distance tests that must be met - the new workplace must be at least 50 miles farther from your old home than the old workplace was. You must work at least 39 weeks (out of the first 12 months) in the general area of the new workplace. If you meet those tests then you can deduct (1) the cost of trasnporation and storage (up to 30 days) of household goods and personal effects and (2) travel, including lodging, from the old home to the new home. Travel is limited to one trip per person. Cost of meals, temporary living expenses and house hunting expenses are not deductible. If the employer reimburses you then the portion that is reimbursed cannot be deducted.
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