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What are some of the primary energy tax incentives that still need to be reinstated as part of the tax extenders legislation on the Hill?

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Peter Scalise, SAX LLP
The energy tax incentives that previously expired on December 31, 2013 and are part of the overall tax extenders package include, but are not limited to:

• Tax Credit for the Construction of New Energy Efficient Homes (Code Sec. 45L);
• Energy Tax Deduction for Building Envelope Efficiency (Code Sec. 179D);
• Construction date for eligible facilities to claim the Production Tax Credit or Wind Credit (Code Sec. 45(d));
• Tax Credit for Energy Efficient Appliances (Code Sec. 45M(b));
• Tax Credit for Nonbusiness Energy Property (Code Sec. 25C);
• Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property (Code Sec. 30C);
• Incentives for Alternative Fuel and Alternative Fuel Mixtures (Code Sec. 6426);
• Incentives for Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel (Code Sec. 40A, Code Sec. 6426);
• Placed-in-Service Date for Partial Expensing of Certain Refinery Property (Code Sec. 179C(c)(1)); and
• Credit for Electric Drive Motorcycles and Three-Wheeled Vehicles (Code Sec. 30D).

It is highly expected that before the calendar year-end, The House and Senate will be reconciling their bills to propose unified legislation before the President's desk for signature and passage into law.
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