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Was the date to submit your tax returns for 2012 extended a few days last year? Will it be April 15, this year or is it dependant on what day the 15th falls on.

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Tax Professional Answers

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Abraham Itani, CPA
The normal filing day for US personal income is April 15th of the following year. There are exceptions to this rule, if the 15th of April falls on a weekend day (Sat. or Sun) it will be Monday.

There is also, an exception if the due date happen to be on a holiday in Washington D.C then the due date is pushed forward one day too. The one holiday that come to my mind is the Emancipation day which is a DC holiday and not a National Holiday, nevertheless because the IRS is headquartered in Washington, the filling date is pushed forward past the holiday.

For the filing of year 2012, the due date is April 15, 2013 which is a Monday. The Emancipation day is April 16th.

I hope that I have answered your question.

Abraham Itani, CPA
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Question Owner
Thank you very much for the information! I'm sure it will prove helpful to others as well.
Reply 516 weeks ago

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