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To disclaim or not to disclaim that is the question! Based upon the new amendments to Circular 230, should we still include disclaimers on our correspondence?

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Tax Professional Answers

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Peter Scalise, SAX LLP
Yes, based upon the recent amendments to Circular 230 on June 12th of 2014, tax professionals should continue to use a modified disclaimer in written correspondence. While the excessive use of the previous Circular 230 disclaimer is no longer necessary, the continued use of a modified disclaimer can certainly help mitigate compliance risk.

Please consult my published article entitled “A Practical Guide To The New Circular 230 Amendments” utilizing the subsequent link and register for my upcoming webinar series entitled “A Practical Guide to the New Circular 230 Amendments” hosted exclusively through TaxConnections:

Please contact me directly with any further questions and thanks very kindly for submitting your inquiry.
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