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Should my dependents' social security income be reported on my Form 8962?

Will try to be concise.

I am enrolled in a health plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace. A couple of days ago I received notification that my premium tax credit had been withdrawn on 1st May with no notice to me. I called the Marketplace and asked why this happened, and while they couldn't give specifics they said perhaps the tax return I had filed earlier this year (for 2014) did not match the information I gave when I signed up for the health plan.

I went back over my taxes and noticed on the 8962 that only my income was stated, not that of my dependents. Currently our sole income for all three of us (myself and two minor children) is approximately $8,880 each in Social Security Survivor Benefits. My question is - should the social security income of my minor children have been reported on my 8962? I am trying to figure out why the Marketplace has withdrawn my tax credit, and so far this is the only thing that I can think of.
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Tax Professional Answers

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John Stancil
Yes, you should have included their modified adjusted gross income (MAGI), including any social security benefits, on line 2b. Line 2a is for your MAGI, which would include any non-taxable social security that you received.
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Question Owner
Thank you!

What tripped me up is that the 8962 instructions state to only include dependents' income if from people required to file. I had thought neither of my children were required to file their own return, but it seems that since their unearned income is over $1,000 then they *are* required to file. Is this correct?
Reply 336 weeks ago

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