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If the person who does my taxes does not have a PTIN can I still have them do my tax return?

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Hope Shoulders, Esq.
Yes, if the person is an enrolled agent, tax preparer, attorney or CPA who is paid for preparing or assisting in the preparation of all or substantially all of any federal tax return, claim for refund or other tax form submitted to the IRS. The crucial issue is if the tax preparer is paid then they must have a PTIN.

But there are exceptions. If an employee as part of her duties is preparing her employers' tax return, then the employee does not need a PTIN. Also if the tax preparer is submitting to the IRS forms like, W-2s, Form SS-4, Power of Attorney, etc., then they do not need a PTIN.

For more information regarding who needs to have a PTIN, please refer to the U.S. federal government website,
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David Gadberry
I'm a little confused at the answer. The question was "If the person who does my taxes does not have a PTIN can I still have them do my tax return?"
The answer said Yes. However, if the person preparing the return is being paid, they do needa PTIN. So the answer should be, No they should not prepare the return.
Reply 281 weeks ago
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Rochelle Gross
Thanks for clarifying that comment....
Reply 55 weeks ago

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