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I just became certified to be a tax preparer and need some advice on ways I can collect fees. Am I able to put part of the refund in my own account as the preparer? Also, I am having difficulty signing up for the e-services because I have not filed a return before so I am unable to apply for e-services online. Is there a paper application?

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Kathryn Morgan
Can you clarify what designation you have? Are you an RTRP? An EA? or a PTIN holder? All of these make a difference in the certification requirements and the way you can advertise. It also makes a difference on how you can sign up for e-services. No matter what designation you hold you may not under any circumstances have a refund split and put part into your account and the rest to the client. See IRS Circular 230 for those regulations. If you can provide some further info I can point you in the right direction.
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Question Owner
I have a PTIN and recently passed the test to be a RTRP.
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Kathryn Morgan
Sorry for the delay, I was out of pocket for a couple of days. Here is a link to the page with everything you need to know about e-services. There is a phone number on the top of the page for you to call and get assistance since you have a special situation. I do know that they will not even consider an application if you are not complaint with your own returns. You mentioned that you have never filed a return, I am assuming that you have had no requirement to do so.
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I collect my fees from my clients when I prepare their return. They can pay by cash, check, or credit
card. You have get authorized to accept credit cards. I let some of them wait until they get their refund to pay me. I don't know about a paper application for e-services. The IRS wants everything to be electronic. I take it you are an authorized e-file provider.
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Question Owner
I am in the process of becoming an e-file provider but I am unable to apply electronically because I have never filed a tax return for myself. I will be charging a fee to prepare returns for the first time this coming season. I did them voluntarily before. So I'm required to use E-file. I just don't know what form to fill out to become an e-file provider without having to have filed a return for myself previously.
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