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I have a small real estate business and am looking for someone who can do my end of the month data entry into my cash flow sheet and produce some analytical graphs and information. Does anyone know of a person who could provide this service and if so, how much should this person be paid?

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Daniel Bosler
Real estate investors and trainers is one of our company's specializations. One of our customers, together with his investments partners, has almost 100 rental properties. We do full service bookkeeping and payroll for him, as well as year end business and personal tax preparation.

As far as how much charges should be, it depends on what your "end of month data entry" is--every transaction or totals? We would need more information to give you a quote that will be both fair to us and a good value to you.

Feel free to contact us by email (, by our website (, or by phone 810-629-0845.

Blessings, Dan Bosler, enrolled agent
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