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I am working my first paid job and was wondering how and when I need to take care of income taxes? This is completely new to me so just a basic explanation would be great! Thank you

First time working
Income Tax Job
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Tax Professional Answers

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Hisham Jubran
Assuming you work and get paid by cheque, at the end of the year your employer will issue a form called W-2 and will mail it to you (max) by Jan. 31st of 2013. Once you have it, you can file your taxes for 2012 in 2013.
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Claire Schapiro E.A.
If you are still a dependent of your parents, they have the exemption for you, so be careful not to list your self when your taxes are prepared - suggest you seek the service of an Enrolled Agent, C.P.A. or RTRP for your first tax return. If you are married or have dependents - again seek professional help to understand the filing process for you.
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