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I am an online retailer and am very concerned about the Marketplace Fairness Act (online sales tax law). What is the best way to go about knowing the tax rates in each jurisdiction?

Sales & Use Tax Marketplace Fairness Act
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Tax Professional Answers

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Wray Rives CPA CGMA
First off the Marketplace Fairness Act allows that small online retailers, those will less than $1M of remote revenue (ie: sales to customers in states where the business is not physically located) would be exempt from reporting.

One of the better resources for finding sales tax rates is TaxCloud
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Michael Fleming
Wray has given a good response when looking at the version of the bill that the Senate passed. However, the house has not passed their version yet and it is far from certain that they will. If they do pass something we don not know what the final version will look like. We don't know what states will participate or what the threshold will be. Ebay is pushing to have the threshold raised to $10 million dollars.

As to knowing what the rates are in each jurisdiction it is going to be tough on a manual basis as there are well over 7,500 different jurisdictions. There are a number of good affordable options out there that we would be more than happy to talk about. For those of you who just need a source of rates for your existing system we can provide rate tables on a complimentary basis.
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