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I am a small business owner. Is there anything helpful coming up tax wise?

Business Tax
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Robert Ferguson
The biggest issue facing small business in the USA this year is that the tax breaks we've been enjoying for the past few years are ending. Congress has so far failed to enact any extension of the Bush era tax breaks. As a result small business owners and employees will be paying higher payroll taxes in the form of higher F,I.C.A. taxes, higher capital gains taxes, and higher rates on income tax. With this being an election year you would think that something would be done, but the IRS is complaining to Congress now that they need time to properly prepare the software and forms if there is to be a tax break again for Americans or not.
For now plan on paying higher taxes with higher tax rates and don't get caught short on your quarterly payments for the self-employed or your withholding amounts as an employee.
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