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How do I find the accountant for me & what questions should I ask?

Have been doing my own taxes through turbotax for 10 years,however, this year I feel the need to make sure I'm not cheating myself. I'm recently retired,am contributing to my daughter's business(which I can't afford). am wanting to take an office in the home this year for my consulting work and for managing my rental property. Would like to contribute to our 2 iras to the extent allowed. Can I find a good accountant at this late date? I'm ready to go with records.
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Daniel Bosler
Interesting you should ask that question. Being that you have used TurboTax in the past, it may interest you to know that I am one of this year's top "Turbo Tax Personal Pros". I helped people from Florida to Alaska with mostly difficult and unusual situations they had. If you don't mind working remotely, we could probably work well together. Whether this be true or you want someone local, you should make sure you are dealing with someone who has tax expertise and is held accountable for it. Tax attorneys and CPAs are held accountable by their state regulatory agencies, but there is another group you should look at: Enrolled Agents. EAs are licensed by the Department of Treasury to help people with IRS issues. To get that license EAs have to pass three difficult tests on IRS tax law and ethical behavior. You can find an EA (which I am) through or, which is the website of the National Association of Enrolled Agents. Dan Bosler, EA, 810-629-0845;
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