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Hi. This April I temporary moved from CA to IL. At this moment I'm still paying CA taxes. Now I decided to settle in Florida. Because my job requires me to travel a lot I don't plan to buy/rent a place to live here. Initially, I will probably stay a few months in hotels. The first question is what would be proper steps to change my tax residency from CA to FL? The second question is there a way to get back money i paid in CA taxes since April?

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Conrado Mangapit, EA
I would assume that you'll have a Florida address by the time you file your tax return for the 2012 tax year. Should you decide to use a tax preparation service in Florida they will ask you:
1. When you left California
2. When you arrived in Illinois
3. When you left Illinois
4. When you arrived in Florida

If you established residency in Illinois then your federal return will be accompanied by two state income tax returns (one for California - your last one as a resident and one for Illinois as a non-resident. Florida has no state income tax ). If your assignment to Illinois was strictly a temporary work assignment then there's no need to consider any change of state residency - you remain a California resident and therefore subject to their income tax jurisdiction. California state income tax jurisdiction stops on the day you become a resident of Florida.
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