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Everyone talks about tax process automation, but nobody tells you how to go about it. How does this work?

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Alex Fazelat - Tax Technology
Because a tax department’s processes are interconnected, it is often overwhelming to think about process automation. Those who have succeeded in this endeavor have managed to do so by breaking down the bigger picture into smaller sub-functions and treating each sub-function as a separate manageable project. These sub-functions normally center around data transformation tasks such as data validation, data reconciliation, report creation, tax adjustment calculations etc…

The tasks that meet the below criteria are normally the best candidates for process automation:

- Is the task performed routinely (weekly, monthly, quarterly…)?
- Does the current manual process take more than “X” hours or days? You decide what value to assign to “X”. We suggest starting with those tasks with the highest “X” value that take the longest to complete.

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