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Does the FEIE still exist in the new tax bill for 2018?

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion
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Brett Thompson, JD, CPA
Yes, however IRC 911(f)...the code section you are referring to has a change in it, citing the change in exemptions for the Alternative Minimum Tax Exclusion levels.. I have not had time to see how it affects the Alt Min yet.... but the exclusion has been changed (increased) by the new has not affected any of my clients (yet) The (A) and (B) part below refers to Corporations (B) and the other Individuals (A).

The new act says (E) Section 911(f) is amended—

(i) in paragraph (1)(B)—

(I) by striking “section 55(b)(1)(A)(ii)” and inserting “section 55(b)(1)(B)”, and

(II) by striking “section 55(b)(1)(A)(i)” and inserting “section 55(b)(1)(A)”, and

(ii) in paragraph (2)(B), by striking “section 55(b)(1)(A)(ii)” each place it appears and inserting “section 55(b)(1)(B)”.
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