Did not previously realize could take deduction for computer, etc. w/o taking home office deduction.Rather than do form 3115 can I start claiming deduction for current year and enter prior years of use with prior years depreciation as if calmed and just lose those years?

This is a follow up to previous question about depreciating a second older computer for portion business use. Want to know if can complete depreciation schedule as if had claimed prior missed years showing depreciation lost(should have claimed) in order to get depreciation for remaining years. That is have lost 2 years depreciation but wish to claim only remaining 3 years on correct schedule for several home business use items.
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Thomas Rex, CPA
I would not enter the prior depreciation without filing the form 3115. Check with your software vendor on how to do this so that the current and future depreciation calculates correctly.

When you dispose of the property, you would then enter all of the depreciation allowed or allowable, which will increase your gain, if any.
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