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As as tax professional with clients in the United Kingdom, how do I handle an HMRC enquiry into R&D tax relief claim?

R&D Tax Credits United Kingdom HMRC Enquiry R&D Tax Relief Claim
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Tax Professional Answers

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Luke Hamm, CEO
HMRC estimate that fraud and erroneous R&D claims have cost the British taxpayer £469m in the 2021-2022 period, this is up from £336m estimated in the 2020-21 period.

In response, and reinforcing HMRC’s commitment to tackling error and fraud in the R&D tax reliefs, HMRC implemented additional measures including:

establishing a threat risk assessment process for all R&D claims
implementing additional payment identification and verification controls for all research and development payments
accelerating the creation of HMRC’s Research and Development Anti Abuse Unit which was announced in the Autumn 2021 budget.
This makes the likelihood of an HMRC enquiry much more likely, and dealing with that Enquiry could require a technical knowledge, time and resource that that simply hasn’t been called for in the past.
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