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Are there taxes due on pensions for teachers in new York state in 2011? How long does a non-collectible status last? Can the IRS just take a refund while in uncollectible status?

My mother died in the beginning of 2011. She had a NY state teacher pension of $65000, which withheld $15000. In addition they charged me and extra almost $9000 in unpaid taxes/fees etc. After fighting regarding the liability (inheritance of less than 1 million) they gave me an uncollectible status. However, they took my refund for this year (almost 3,000) which I need for living expenses as I am unemployed. I a have tried getting help from tax payers advocate - and the new tax filing season is coming up. I have also had my Offer in compromise rejected several times and have spend money on mailings, copying, printings and faxing to no avail. I was thinking that me and my mom have the same name, but we have different socials - so this should not be happening.
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Kathryn Morgan
I'm a little confused, but am going to assume you are talking about a pension that you inherited on your moms passing and therefore we are talking about your taxes and not hers. If you are in Currently Not Collectible status that simply means the IRS can not make collection actions like liens, levies, garnishment a and seizures. If you have a refund of taxes, including credits, the irs can and will take it to offset the debt. My out should make sure your withholding is set to have either a small refund or smal balance due. Please contact a professional to assist you with an OIC.
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