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Are there any risks to electronically filing your tax returns versus having someone manually do my tax return?

Electronic Filing
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David McKeegan

With regards to your message, yes, as with anything now days, there are risks involved with e-filing. Although there is a small chance of fraud happening, if it does, the consequences can be severe.

This is a great article on some of the risks involved:

Now, there are equal risks to having someone else manually file your return too (as with e-filing, the risks are very slim, but still there). Your best bet will be to find a reputable accountant you can trust to file for you. Make sure that accountant is willing to sign off on your return, and has secure systems in place for your sensitive information. If you wish to file on your own, do it from your personal computer in your home. Do not use public computers, or take your computer to a public WiFi spot.

Best of luck...Let me know if you have any further questions!
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