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Companies need a “portal” that enables them to streamline their processes and organize their global transfer pricing documentation. Such a tool should make it easy for the MNE to facilitate worldwide collaboration among professionals within the company and among its advisors by incorporating project management tools, tracking capabilities and communication across the globe. We have introduced Trans-Portal, a comprehensive solution with features designed to:

  • Organize global transfer pricing documentation
  • Collect data, perform research and analyze transfer pricing risks
  • Update transfer pricing documentation (Master and Local files) efficiently
  • Collaborate with colleagues across the globe to coordinate joint efforts
  • Validate transfer pricing documentation by transfer pricing specialists

Trans-Portal’s purpose is to fulfill these fundamental needs. This intuitive, easy to use solution is designed to meet the market’s appetite for support to automate data collection; organize transfer pricing documentation such as the master file and local files, benchmarking studies and intercompany agreements; and manage transfer pricing risks. At the same time, Trans-Portal enables global teamwork both within the enterprise and with the company’s external service providers.

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