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As the holidays approach, we will quickly be flooded with holiday specials, iconic movies and lit-up everything. As you sit around the fire staying warm, consider your knowledge of that iconic reindeer who guided Santa’s sleigh on a stormy winter night.

» Question: How old is Rudolf?

Answer: The story of Rudolf is now 76 years old.

» Question: Who wrote the now famous glowing nose reindeer story?

Answer: Robert L. May. He created it for Montgomery Wards in 1939 as a free promotional book. The first year they printed over 2 million copies of the product.

» Question: The Reindeer was not originally going to be a reindeer. What animal was he?

Answer: A moose.

» Question: The reindeer’s nose was not initially going to be red. Why not?

Answer: Montgomery Wards was afraid the red nose would be associated with chronic alcoholism. It was only when the cartoon shape was fashioned after a deer, that the shiny red nose was established and approved.

» Question: Who made the now popular Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer song famous?

Answer: Most of us know the tune as sung by Burl Ives in the popular holiday TV show using stop motion animation. But the song was made popular by Gene Autry in 1949. Autry was widely known as the singing cowboy. He was also a former owner of the Angels major league baseball team. This song is one of the most popular holiday songs recorded of all time.

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Dr. John Stancil (My Bald CPA) is Professor Emeritus of Accounting and Tax at Florida Southern College in Lakeland, FL. He is a CPA, CMA, and CFM and passed all exams on the first attempt. He holds a DBA from the University of Memphis and the MBA from the University of Georgia. He has maintained a CPA practice since 1979 with an emphasis in taxation. His areas of expertise include church and clergy tax issues and the foreign earned income credit. He prepares all types of returns, individual and business.

Dr. Stancil has written for the Polk County Business Journal and has presented a number of papers at academic conferences. He wrote the Instructor’s Manual for the 13th edition of Horngren’s Cost Accounting. He is published in the Global Sustainability as a Business Imperative, Green Issues and Debates, The Encyclopedia of Business in Today’s World, The Palmetto Business Review, The CPA Journal, and in the NATP TaxPro Journal. His paper, “Building Sustainability into the Tax Code” was recognized as the outstanding accounting paper at the annual meeting of the South East InfORMS. He wrote a book entitled “Tax Issues Faced by U. S. Missionary Personnel Abroad ” that will soon be published.

He has recently launched a new endeavor, Church Tax Solutions, which presents online, on demand seminars on various church and clergy tax issues.

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