Year End Tax Savings - Capital Gain Shelter, Four Year Tax Deferral And Tax-Free Appreciation

OZ Funds allow taxpayers to defer federal long and short-term capital gains until April 2027.  In addition all appreciation accruing over a 10 year or more holding period escapes federal taxation.  Depreciation is also not recaptured for long-term holders.

MITmodular has an OZ Fund with commercial real estate and unique manufacturing operations that not only allows the deferral and tax exemption, but also generates bonus depreciation, tax credits and government grants.

MITmodular is an ESG company which designs and manufactures innovative and energy-efficient modular housing primarily out of re-purposed  shipping containers.  Their market includes: Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s), homeless housing, workforce housing, affordable housing, upgraded housing for mobile home parks, emergency housing as well as special event and retail uses.

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