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Latest Podcast Guest: Tax Attorney John Richardson

Anthony Parent, Tax Advisor, Wallingford, USA, TaxConnections

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What Every Small Business Owner Needs To Know About Payroll Tax Relief

TaxConnections Picture - small businessIf you have unpaid payroll taxes — well, as crazy as it sounds, there could be a silver-lining. While the Internal Revenue Service will undoubtedly get into your business rather quickly and intensively, there is a way to make this work to your benefit.

Hiding from the truth about your problem is not going to help you by any means. Instead, accept the truth. As it may offer a solution to recover from this difficult event that’s happening in your business life.

Let’s be blunt: You have a crises. But this crises now gives you the legal and moral authority you need to make difficult choices you haven’t been able to do  before.


♦ laying off employees

♦ end an unprofitable line or service

♦ hire a turn-around specialist

♦ hold employees accountable

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