Expatriates Are Very Upset With The United States IRS: 120+ Comments Educate You Why

John Richardson On Expatriate Taxes

We continue to receive commentary on the article written by TaxConnections Member John Richardson of Citizenship Solutions. His blog post on USA Of The 21st Century Is Like Britain In The 19th Century has hit a nerve with many expatriates around the world. The blog post and the 120+ comments that follow explain what is happening to those who happened to be born here but do not live in the United States. There is more to learn that will leave you at the edge of your seats so stay tuned to this post.

Read this post that has 120+ comments and growing by the day and please forward to expatriates you know to add commentary.


Please add your commentary below to continue to educate others on the consequences of United States FATCA tax laws on your life.

Written By TaxConnections CEO, Kat Jennings


The Reality of U.S. Citizenship Abroad

My name is John Richardson. I am a Toronto based lawyer – member of the Bar of Ontario. This means that, any counselling session you have with me will be governed by the rules of “lawyer client” privilege. This means that:

“What’s said in my office, stays in my office.”

The U.S. imposes complex rules and life restrictions on its citizens wherever they live. These restrictions are becoming more and more difficult for those U.S. citizens who choose to live outside the United States.

FATCA is the mechanism to enforce those “complex rules and life restrictions” on Americans abroad. As a result, many U.S. citizens abroad are renouncing their U.S. citizenship. Although this is very sad. It is also the reality.


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4 comments on “Expatriates Are Very Upset With The United States IRS: 120+ Comments Educate You Why

  • Kat – thanks very much for your help in keeping this issue front and center. The bottom line is this:

    The United States should not be imposing worldwide taxation on people who are tax residents of other countries and do not live in the United States.

    Not only does the United States impose worldwide taxation on people who are tax residents of other countries, but is it a far more punitive form of taxation than is imposed on Homeland Americans.


  • I am an expat that left California in 1962. Raised in Canada. Now I vote in California. The way the USA treats me I vote for the craziest candidates ,the stupidest and most expensive, hardest things on the government on the ballots . If I did not believe in peace and love I would burn the embassy.

    • TaxConnections Admin

      Duncan this is the funniest comment I have ever seen! Now this explains what is happening in California.

  • The Treasury and Congress are regularly told Americans abroad are losing out economically as a result of FATCA. Many overseas banks turn Americans away from banking services because the risks are too high. Treasury has taken the myopic view these are third party matters and is no way connected to USG action. They set the stage for failure but want to distance themselves. As a result, most of us are stuck and cannot improve ourselves or our families. It should not be in the USG interest to ignore expat well-being, but that is exactly what they are doing.

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