Learn About Opportunity Zones From Nationally Recognized Expert Blake Christian: Questions And Answers

Learn About Opportunity Zones From Nationally Recognized Expert Blake Christian: Questions And Answers
 Learn How To Leverage The Opportunity Zone Program

You will receive information from leading tax expert Blake Christian on the Opportunity Zone Program. There are very few people in the country who have this level of expertise on Opportunity Zones. A series of articles and publications will be sent to you that provide substantial information on how the program works. A must have for anyone wanting to gain knowledge and expertise in the world of Opportunity Zones.

  • 1. Which Gains Are Eligible?
  • 2. Qualified Opportunity Fund Requirement
  • 3. Tax Basis Adjustments/Gain Reporting Exemptions
  • 4. Legal Form Of Qualified Zone Fund
  • 5. Percentage of Qualified Property Test/Penalty
  • 6. Ineligible Business Types
  • 7. State Tax Complexities
  • 8. Real Estate “Original Use” Rehab Requirements
  • 9. Who Should And Should Not Invest In A QOF?
  • 10. Hiring Tax Credits – 8500 Tax Incentive Zones
  • 11. 5 Myths About The Opportunity Zone Program
  • 12. 5 Ways To Leverage The Opportunity Zone Program
  • 13. Opportunity Zone Participation Window
  • 14. Open Issues On Opportunity Zones
  • 15. Investment Diversification And Tax Savings

Look at the beautifully built and affordable homes being placed in Opportunity Zones throughout the country. These homes are beautiful and affordable (priced between 54.5K to 127K).

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Read the FAQs. AMAZING!!

Contact Blake Christian, Tax Partner at HCVT for more information.

Blake is a nationally recognized expert and frequent author and speaker on State and Federal Location-based Incentive Credits (LBIC’s), including State Enterprise Zone Credits, Federal Empowerment, Renewal Community, Indian Tribal Lands and Gulf Opportunity Zone Credits. He has also assisted in the development of specialized software, which is used by over 200 tax departments throughout the U.S. to identify LBIC’s. Blake’s clients include multi-national, publicly traded corporations, as well as closely held owner-managed businesses. His industry concentration includes manufacturing and distribution, service companies, restaurant, shipping and transportation, energy and healthcare. In addition to corporate, partnership and individual tax compliance and planning, Blake is experienced in the design and implementation of executive compensation plans.

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