Avoiding Costly Mistakes: Four Essential Tax Concepts For The Non-Tax Business Attorney Or CPA (Webinar May 16th 2024)

Avoiding Costly Mistakes: Four Essential Tax Concepts For The Non-Tax Business Attorney Or CPA
Even smaller transactions might have big traps and significant tax implications – leading to unexpected tax liabilities for your clients and potential malpractice claims for you.
This webinar covers four essential flow-through tax concepts you need to know to avoid common ‘foot-faults’ or worse and to continue to be the “go to person” for your clients.During this one-hour webinar, the Tax Forum team of Chuck Levun, Michael Cohen and Scott Miller will provide a top-level look at …

  • Converting an existing S corporation to an LLC on a tax-free basis to obtain “charging order” protection
  • Simple business structuring to circumvent the $10k deduction limitation for the portion of state and local income taxes attributable to business income
  • How not to cause your client to be one of the estimated 500k+ LLCs that incorrectly thought it was going to be taxed as an S corporation but, because of certain language contained in its operating agreement, is not an S corporation
  • Personal goodwill and the C corporation business sale – identifying situations in which double tax can be avoided

Any one of these could make the difference between you being a hero or creating a significant problem for your clients.

This combination strategic and practical webinar is geared for non-tax business attorneys and CPAs who handle matters (even on a limited basis) involving closely held businesses and smaller mid-market companies. While you may or may not have ready access to sophisticated flow-through tax planning resources, you certainly should be equipped to recognize situations where you should tread carefully and be aware that it may be important to reach out to your tax resources.

Please bring your questions, as the presentation will include a live Q&A session. You’ll get a lot of points sharing this announcement with other attorneys or CPAs for which this webinar may be of interest.

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