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Tax Risk Management Web Interface System —V1.01

The purpose of this IT specification of a Tax Risk Management Web Interface System (phew! a mouthful of IT jargon, but simply put as the “Tax Risk Management Web Interface”) is to determine an organization’s tax risk and from that point forward to help manage that tax risk. The Tax Risk Management Web Interface is one of the key Tax Risk Management tools used.

The following aspects are important in the execution of Tax Risk Management Web Interface:

• Security—Tax Risk Management Web Interface security is key. The information housed in the system is very sensitive and can only be viewed by preselected persons. For this reason the following security measures are vital:

• Secure log-in system.

• SSL encryption from point of log-in.

• Secure database environment.

• Secure remote hosting facility.

• File locking facility.

• Intended audience—Tax Risk Management Web Interface will be made available to the tax team (including the tax manager and the BO/CFO) and the CEO.

• Hosting—So as to ensure legal privilege, the Tax Risk Management Web Interface should be hosted in a secure remote facility controlled and under the supervision of the legal team, with access via the Internet using SSL encryption.

• Database—The database needs to be scalable and secure.

• Interface—This is Web based. Easy navigation is important that most people using the facility can identify with and are used to operating on.

• Third-party media—The standard word processing and spreadsheet documents are required to be viewed through the system, with rights only given to key people to edit these documents. The uploading of these files need to be secure to avoid any tampering with the documents.

• Tax returns details are to be published.

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