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Compensating your tax organization appropriately is very good business! Why is it that we see such inequities in compensation for corporate tax organizations on published surveys? The answer is simple: Most of the data published online regarding the salaries of corporate tax executives and their teams is inaccurate. How do we know? For more than three decades, we have been retained by multinational clients to research corporate tax departments and ask tax professionals for compensation information. This is why we can tell you with confidence the information we see on most publications is inaccurate. Having said that, we can also attest to the fact that corporate tax professionals do not give out the information easily; they will provide the facts to people they can trust. Kathleen Jennings, TaxConnections CEO has built trust within the tax profession over many years. As a result, she has maintained a longstanding record of collecting this valuable information through private calls and conversations.

We conduct confidential compensation surveys that provide base salaries, incentive compensation, total cash compensation, equity based compensation, pay and benefits practices and job descriptions for the tax profession. This data is valuable for benchmarking and designing competitive and effective compensation programs for your tax organization. The cost of the survey will depend on the number of roles you would like surveyed and can take anywhere from two to six weeks. We spend a lot of time to get it right for clients who want accurate information. Knowing that many corporate tax organizations need qualified tax professionals, it makes good business sense to have accurate compensation information. Our goal in providing tax compensation information is assisting decision-makers in making more informed hiring decisions and to increase retention of tax professionals within these tax organizations.

IMPORTANT : If it is not currently within your budget to access tax compensation data, register below anyway as we will send you monthly tips that will assist you in dealing with corporate tax compensation! You must be in a lead or management tax role in a corporate tax organization to receive these monthly educational tips. There is a great deal of privacy and trust involved in obtaining valuable and current compensation information on corporate tax organizations.

If you have any questions, please call 858.999.0053 and ask for Kat Jennings who is our expert on corporate tax compensation worldwide.



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