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Technology has advanced faster in the last few years than we have ever experienced in history. Fortunately, business development services has evolved to a higher level of success. Our Sponsor Program was developed for firms who desire a highly targeted approach in introductions to corporate executives in large and medium sized companies and high net worth individuals. TaxConnections has evolved the process of business development for services firms.

TaxConnections has extraordinary access to tax, financial and legal professionals worldwide. Corporate executives count on us to refer leading tax, legal and financial professionals to them. We have a proven track record referring leading advisors to our clients that has spanned more than three decades. We have earned the trust of corporate management executives worldwide; we earned their trust by referring the very best in the profession!

Our Fortune 500 to 5000 clients seek referrals to tax, financial, legal and technology experts globally. Corporate executives request information on firms with a high level of expertise, integrity, reliability and they often want to know how a firm treats clients. We learn a great deal about firms providing services to clients from conversations we have with corporate executives themselves. We hear when they are happy with a firms services and when they are searching for new business advisors. As a result, TaxConnections is in a position to introduce corporate management executives to leading tax, legal and accounting services firms.

TaxConnections spent years developing technology in business development services. We provide Sponsors proprietary marketing technology unavailable anywhere else in the world. We limit the number of firms who receive our customized marketing service in order to focus our efforts on raising the visibility of a few firms. We offer 30 exclusive Sponsorships annually: 10 law firms; 10 accounting firms; 10 software firms whose target audience is Fortune 500 to Fortune 5000 companies. Our Sponsors retain us for the sole purpose of business development and new client acquisition. We have a track record connecting corporate management teams with service firms who have saved corporations billions of dollars annually.


Sponsors Receive The Following

After many years of deliberate study, we understand what works to develop new client relationships. We have secrets that we share privately with our Sponsors because we know what is working in business development and new client acquisition. Our Sponsors select the number of corporate tax professionals they wish to Sponsor and can even select the corporate clients relationships they want us to develop for them. TaxConnections works on developing these business relationships for you.


TaxConnections Vision- The Future Of Business Development

If you have read anything by Richard Susskind on the future of the professions, you know the world of service firms is changing fast. TaxConnections business development services is the response to the rapid change in the market. We understand there are firms who will stay firmly entrenched in old ways of business development; we understand the first explorers and early adopters of new business development technology are striving to change and will be the firms who acquire larger market share.

We are looking for firms who want to be disrupters and desire to acquire larger market share. TaxConnections business development service is for Sponsors who can make decisions quickly and who want to rise in the ranks of professional firms more rapidly. Firms who move fast and are early adopters of TaxConnections business development technology will ensure they are front and center of key decision-makers minds for outside consulting services

If you are a firm who is an early adopter of new business development technology, you are a great match with TaxConnections Business Development Services.

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