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The Following Are Testimonials From TaxConnections Members:

"Since connecting with TaxConnections, my tax practice has benefited from new business from markets I never had access to before. Never before have I had so many requests for tax advice and support from U.S., Eastern European and U.K. clients before and because they're coming to me having read my tax blogs, their queries are very specific, clearly explained and full of relevant detail. The blogs written by other contributors have expanded my knowledge of worldwide taxes and my appreciation for the subtlety and nuances that may not be immediately evident from reading legislation and supporting material. All in all, I cannot recommend this website enough - whether you're looking to connect with other tax professionals, find new clients or just improve your own tax knowledge."
Claire McNamara, Dublin, Ireland

"TaxConnections is an amazing website. Indeed, one has to wonder why no one else had thought of it before. But it is now clear that TaxConnections is becoming one of the key places to go and key places to be for the international tax community."
Howard Liebman, Brussels, Belgium

“I want you to know that I got a new client from TaxConnections, and it may be the largest single tax project I have ever done.”
George Prytula III, CPA, Orlando , Florida

"I have now had several good leads following on from my blog posts but what was also interesting were the old clients that traced me through the TaxConnections. For them I was the guy from XYZ company, just part of the corporate advisory team. Was it my name or was it my prominent ears, but I was duly spotted and contact was made, in once case some 14 years later. Another client dating back to 1994, was sent my post on TaxConnections Worldwide Tax Blogs by their UK tax advisors and now I am again assisting with their tax compliance, some 19 years and 7 months later. It was not LinkedIn but the Tax Connections that they connected with me once again, and for that I thank you…”
Hugo van Zyl, South Africa

“I could not be happier with the results and would recommend to take advantage of the services TaxConnections offers.”

“I am very impressed! Your website continues to exceed my wildest expectations.”
Michael DeBlis, Managing Partner, Bloomfield, New Jersey, DeBlis & DeBlis

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