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Do you want to increase your firms revenue and profit?

Would you like to generate more leads and land more clients?

Do you want to gain the ultimate competitive advantage?

We are excited about sharing our Marketing Secrets with you… the ones that provide valuable knowledge and teach you how to stay ahead of your competitors. We have a deep understanding of technology that is creating a megashift in selling tax services! TaxConnections will lead your firm to the front of people’s minds when they need tax services. Everything we do is focused on boosting business and generating sales and revenue for your tax services!

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What is TaxConnections?
TaxConnections is the leading professional media site for tax professionals. We invite tax professionals in tax services firms, corporations, law firms and academia worldwide to our distinguished tax platform. Our focus is driving new business to tax services providers through innovative native advertising strategies.

What is Native Advertising?
Are you familiar with the phenomenon known as banner blindness? What it means is "consumers are subconsciously ignoring ads!" If you are paying for banner ads, you are wasting your firms valuable marketing budget! Smart business development teams are now using Native Ads. A native ad does not feel or look like an ad, and as a result, increases the likelihood prospective clients will click on it. TaxConnections is native advertising at its BEST!

TaxConnections Native Advertising generates new tax clients, referral business, increases client retention and results in upselling more tax services!

How Does TaxConnections Native Advertising Benefit Your Brand?
With over 2 Billion consumers now going online for tax help each year, and over 247,000,000 pages of tax professionals to choose from on a web search, TaxConnections interactive Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals provides the ultimate tax services marketing strategy! We promote tax professionals in a way that distinguishes your firms brand and reputation online. Our marketing strategy makes your tax services firm more visible, approachable and accessible online. We have discovered our members greatly benefit from increased referral business from other tax professionals!

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What TaxConnections Members Are Saying
“I want you to know that I got a new client from TaxConnections, and it may be the largest single tax project I have ever done.”
George Prytula III, CPA, Orlando , Florida

“I have now had several good leads from TaxConnections. I was duly spotted and contact was made in one case a client from 14 years ago . Another client dating back to 1994 was sent by their now UK tax advisors and now I am again assisting them with their tax compliance. It was not LinkedIn but my Tax Connections Profile Page that linked to the interactive Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals that they connected us once again, and for that I thank you.”
Hugo van Zyl, South Africa

“I could not be happier with the results and would recommend to take advantage of the services TaxConnections offers.”

“ I am very impressed! Your website continues to exceed my wildest expectations.”
Michael DeBlis, Managing Partner, Bloomfield, New Jersey, DeBlis & DeBlis

We Want To Share Two More Secrets With You!
We will share another secret that “First Movers” on TaxConnections already know! A significant amount of revenue is being lost by your firm every day because sites who may have your tax professional(s) profile are charging people to connect. Following the crowd by posting your tax services on sites that charge for connections is costing your firm sales and revenue! TaxConnections ensures that anyone who wants to connect with our members does so for free. As a result, your firm generate new clients, more referral business, and upsells more tax services which increases your firm's revenue!

Another important secret we want to share is showing you exactly what is happening! Go to and click on any professional profile page of one of our members. Now study the one page microsite we build on each tax professional member; we have aggregated a great deal of information to one page. TaxConnections was built to capture interest quickly and motivate prospective clients to take an interest.

Now go to any one of our tax professional member's very own websites. It is important to compare side by side a TaxConnections professional profile page to your very own firm website. Decide for yourself what site is most likely to engage prospective clients to retain your tax services. Testing has proven that tax professionals gain a significant competitive advantage by marketing tax services on TaxConnections! If it takes a prospective client more than one or two clicks to connect with your tax services, you will lose business to tax professionals who have the ultimate “one click” competitive advantage over you online!

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How Much Does It Cost?
Please call (858) 999-0053 for a quote.

What Other Services Does TaxConnections Offer?
TaxConnections world revolves around strategies that generate new business for the tax services your firm offers. We promote member firm's tax blogs to millions of interested readers; we create eBooks from our member’s publications that generate revenue; we upload tax training courses to our video platform and generate real time revenue for your firm; and we provide the most up to date marketing strategies to keep you ahead of the competition.

What Is Our Guarantee?
If your firm does not generate increased client engagement, referral business or traffic within the first year we will give you the second year free! Native advertising marketing strategies have proven to work better than anything else! The future of your tax services firm’s success is through TaxConnections native advertising!

Be smart about marketing your firm's tax services!

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