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Paul Hamann

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Reasonable Compensation For Shareholder Employees Of S Corps

May 5th, 2020
11:00 AM , , USA

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Keynote Speaker Paul Hamann
President, RCReports
Are you concerned of guessing at Reasonable Compensation? Are you concerned your clients may be taking too little or too much compensation leaving them vulnerable to an IRS Challenge?

The IRS has specific guidelines on the compensation of S Corp & C Corp owners. Do you want to ensure you are advising your clients properly? Our software helps tax advisors increase the value of their practice by efficiently determining the compensation of an S Corp or C Corp owner in minutes, providing a high dollar value add service to your practice, while protecting your clients from an IRS challenge.

Paul Hamann is an expert on determining Reasonable Compensation for closely-held business owners. He has educated more than 30,000 tax advisors and valuators on the topic of Reasonable Compensation.

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Event Description

Course Description

Between 2010 and 2013 a flurry of court cases and IRS enforcement brought the issue of ‘What is Reasonable Compensation for a Shareholder-employee of an S Corp’ out of the shadows and placed it forefront as a priority issue for CPA’s, EA’s, Tax and Financial advisors to cover with their clients. In 2017 congress passed the TCJA again placing Reasonable Compensation front and center, making the stakes even higher if challenged by the IRS.

Learning Objectives

Understand the basic advantages of Distributions V. Salary/Wages
Identify IRS guidelines for determining Reasonable Compensation and assess the consequences of an IRS re-characterization of distributions
Review Reasonable Compensation in the courts and advanced scenarios
Recognize when Reasonable Compensation applies to your client and identify options for determining Reasonable Compensation
Review why Reasonable Compensation has become a priority for the SB/SE division of the IRS and review Tips from the pros and IRS Red Flags

Prerequisites:None required.

Who Should Attend

CPA & EA practitioners who advise Shareholder-Employees of S Corps on the issue of Reasonable Compensation who are interested in learning about current IRS guidelines, and solutions for advising their clients on the issue of Reasonable Compensation.

Advanced Preparation:None required.



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