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Corporate Tax Executive Compensation- Why This Information Is Important

The retention of highly skilled tax professionals is an important goal for every corporation. The cost of turnover in a tax organization is especially high given the time it takes to train and assimilate a tax professional into a company’s processes, procedures and culture. Companies who hire skilled technical professionals with tax expertise must also trust these employees with highly sensitive and confidential corporate financial information. TaxConnections goal is ensuring organizations have accurate data and information on corporate tax compensation that will attract and retain highly skilled and technically talented tax executives.
TaxConnections Corporate Tax Compensation Report is provided to help you attract and retain highly technical and skilled tax expertise in your corporate tax organization. Each Corportate Tax Compensation Report includes job descriptions in his 26 page report.

United States(1Billion To 10 Billion Revenue)

United States(1Billion To 10 Billion Revenue)

Midwest-North Central
United States(1Billion To 10Billion Revenue)

West Coast Region
United States(1Billion To 10 Billion)

Family Office
Lead Tax Executive

West Central Region
United States500 > 1B

Real Estate
United States 

United States 

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